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Early Case Assessment

You and your clients want to resolve legal matters with no excess in expense or time. To make informed decisions throughout the life of a legal matter, you need to understand the merits and the metrics - not only early in the process, but also at each step along the way.

To manage the matter, you need to measure the matter. "Finding the needle in a haystack" leaps to many lips, and of course you need to find evidence that illuminates the merits of the case. But in calculating proportionality, evaluating the costs of litigation, you also need to measure the size of the effort that will bring the facts to light.

Informed Decisions Yield Better OutcomesMerits and Metrics

The ECA process prepares you for Meet and Confer:

  • Evaluate reasonable settlement parameters
  • Establish proportionality
  • Negotiate search terms based on hard data

The ECA Process helps reduce costs:

  • Eliminate duplicate documents - and redundant review costs
  • Eliminate system and application files - via deNISTing.

Forensic Drive Imaging and Analysis


Hard Drive Imaging

Utilizing Digital Forensics Best Practices:

  • Read-only access of the original drive
  • Creation of a verifiable forensic copy of the drive
  • Full indexing of the drive contents
  • Full inspection for potentially hidden or deleted content
  • Chain of Custody documented throughout
  • Investigative steps documente throughout






For Users of the Nuix Electronic Discovery PlatformAutomated Workflows --- Custom Reports --- Custom Exports

Nuix is Simple, Powerful and Precise.

If you are a user of Nuix you already know it has proven to be an excellent platform for a variety of eDiscovery processes and for Early Case Assessment in particular. (If not, you should follow the above link to their website.)

For starters, the product handles a broad spectrum of file and container types, it can handle terabytes of electronic content rapidly, and produces output ready for a variety of industry standard Legal Review tools and format.

One of the features that makes Nuix particularly unique and powerful is its scripting facility. Why is this important? Nuix' scripting facility enables the customization, automation and extension of the product's functionality. Andover Analytics has been using these features for years.

Automated Workflows

Nuix enables you to define workflows through the modules of the product that represent the best practices that you have derived through your years of experience. Once

The Nuix scripting facility enables the automation of these workflows create custom reports, and export cases in formats that fit the needs of your reviewers. Once your have these workflows automated, they can be run

Custom Reports

"A picture is worth a thousands words...", and a good chart can help you visualize the underlying importance of millions of numbers.

When you need to quickly illuminate for your clien the value that Nuix has found for you, Andover Analytics can leverage our experience with Nuix and with data visualization techniques to help you efficiently and effectively communicate your points.

Please contact us to discuss your reporting needs.


Custom Exports

You know that Legal Review is the most expensive component of the eDiscovery lifecycle. Every minute counts, and anything that can be done to make the Reviewers more efficient can have significant effect on the bottom line. If your Reviewers have learned their craft a particular way, and despite the flexibility Nuix provides you need something special, you may want a Custom Export. Andover Analytics has the skill and experience to customize and automate the way Nuix exports data for use in your Legal Review tool of choice

Why Choose Andover Analytics?For Your eDiscovery and Digital Forensics Needs

We understand that the management of risk and cost is central to the role of the Litigation professional. eDiscovery technology can facilitate this effort, but introduces new risks and costs of its own. Applied appropriately, the technology can inform decisions throughout the eDiscovery process, saving time and money for the client. To achieve these benefits, some legal departments decide to add the technology expertise to their team, while others choose to stick to their core competencies and partner with eDiscovery technology experts. Andover Analytics has experience evaluating eDiscovery technology for purchase as well as with the delivery the benefits of the technology as a service.

We recognize that clients are very sensitive to the costs of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics. Andover Analytics is very focused on providing you with high value services at reasonable prices.

Leverage Andover Analytics' years of experience in eDiscovery, software development, workflow automation, application customization, and IT management to better manage the costs and risks in your eDiscovery and digital forensics projects

We Are:

Client Driven

Value Focused

Technically Ready



About Andover Analytics

I have over 25 years experience in technically exciting companies including IBM, Lotus, Xtremesoft and Anacomp. At Anacomp, I established the Early Case Assessment Services offering, complementing the company's CaseLogistix legal review software and services. I designed and implemented workflow automation and custom reporting modules that increased the productivity of our project management staff, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness, and consequently the service's profitability. My Graduate work at Boston University includes Computer and Network Forensics, Enterprise Networking, as well as Business Intelligence and Data Mining .

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